Hood Girls that like Art

My roommate Mariah and I went to the Cleveland Art Museum Thursday around 6pm. The events included an open mic, dancers dancing, art by Basquait, Picasso, various artist and more.

Me featuring x ayyedeesmm

Upon entering the museum I was intrigued by a group of dancing individuals they call themselves AyyeDeesMM . The way they were dancing filled up the whole museum with such a positive energy that the whole crowd started to dance. Their moves were so intriguing I couldn’t even look away. It’s so amazing to me because dancing is a form of art. A form of expression


An artist by the name or Terry Urban whose art was more abstract was immediately interesting. He is an artist from Cleveland but has did a lot of work in New York.  His Instagram is @Terryurban.

download (1)
Us featuring x Terry Urban





Mariahs fascination with the art

download (4)
Mariah featuring x 

excited me. It’s almost as her whole world drifted into the art when she saw it. We were no longer standing in a museum but inside the paintings our new world. Seeing her eyes light up and as she talked about Picasso her favorite artist was the most amazing sight. It was because not only did she know the art she loved it. Who would know a hood good would love the art or tell her own story from paintings created so many years ago. As we stood inside of this art museum transcending into another realm I quickly came to the realization that we were apart of the art as well. Standing around famous art work creating stories of past and future and the make believe. A LOVE so beautiful and pure. We were no longer two hood girls we were VISIONARIES.




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